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Meet Dr. Marie Maher

“I love chiropractic. I love being a chiropractor.”

I am privileged to do what I do everyday and see the wonderful benefits that chiropractic has to offer. And yes we do see miracles. We see people everyday who have tried a lot of other therapies and it hasn’t worked for them and then chiropractic does. So many patients say “Oh I wish I had tried Chiropractic sooner” etc. My answer is always well at least you have now and can continue to do so in the future.

Cashel Chiropractor Dr. Marie Maher and her family

Dr. Marie Maher and her family

Chiropractic Career Path

I was never sure what I wanted to do but I knew I wanted to work in helping people.

I initially attended a course in Carlow IT, as it is now. It was previously Carlow RTC. I studied Applied Physiology and Health Science with a view to eventually go on to study Physiotherapy.

It was during my first year there that I discovered chiropractic, applied for the course at the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic WIOC and never looked back.

From the start of my course to the end I enjoyed every second. It was very tough but I always knew it was the path for me.

Family Life

I met my husband Declan in 2002 and we have 3 beautiful children Cian, Ben and Emma. As a mother of young children there is not much free time however when I can I enjoy getting out for a run or walk.

We are a very active family and enjoy regular family walks together. We are extremely involved in GAA especially hurling which both our boys play so that takes a lot of our free time.

Health Habits

I receive regular Chiropractic care as does each member of my family. I love teaching my children about the benefits of good health and healthy eating. We keep medications to a minimum and as a testament to the power of breastfeeding and chiropractic care my children have never had an antibiotic! My children are 7,5 and 3.

I consider myself an excellent listener and hope I get the opportunity to meet you in person and discuss your specific health challenge.

Contact our office so I can help you take your first step towards better health. +087 61 11461